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  Submerged combustion thermal cycle recovery industrial sewage treatment system
SCTCRISTS--- Submerged combustion thermal cycle recovery industrial sewage treatment system is a big breakthrough in secondary heat recovery, really saving energy and reducing emission. Characteristics of the submerged combustion thermal cycle recovery industrial sewage treatment system are as follows:
Small system location - only 60m2;
Low one-time investment -civil engineering isn't required on the whole;
Most advanced technology - can not be found in all documents across of the world;
Most thorough sewage treatment – all pollutants are taken out in the form of carbide without problems left;
Widest scope of application – all kinds of sewage can be treated;
Lowest operation cost - steam and distilled water can be recovered and used, which offsets the cost of sewage treatment.
Best social benefit - chemical enterprises do not need to install steam boiler; the related enterprises can guarantee “free of soot, dust and sewage” during the production process, which is unparalleled in purifying sky and environment.
With the development of manufacturing industry, people have an increasing demand on life quality, which results in the contradiction between living environment and development. Under the Scientific Outlook on sustainable development, people have reached a consensus on such development concept, i.e. development shall be based on completely settling environmental pollution while without sacrificing the environment. Many small and medium-sized enterprises surviving for several years finally eliminates because they failed to completely treat the pollution problems, which is very common in the country. The fields urgent for new technology in sewage treatment include: dye, dye intermediate, medicine, pesticide, fine chemical engineering, electroplate, leather, slaughter, hospital, etc. According to our analysis and comparison on sewage treatment methods, there are 4 fundamental obstructs, which are energy consumption, drug consumption, water resource consumption and equipment consumption. Based on investigation in Shandong, Jiangsu, Hebei, Shaanxi, Shanxi and other areas, we researched and introduced submerged gas combustion and evaporation technology from USA, and finally formed a new kind of process which focuses on energy conservation and disposable sewage treatment.
SCTCRISTS will be a milestone in the history of sewage treatment, which starts a new model for sewage treatment with wide adaptability, simplicity, high efficiency and completion and is significant for economic development and enterprise surviving.