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    ·  Alkaline Wastewater
    · Dye wastewater
    · Intermediate Wastewater
    · High salt wastewater
    · Pesticide wastewater
    · Phenol-containing wastewater
    Pesticide wastewater


WHAT IS pesticide wastewater?
And depending on the substances contained ,in pesticide production Pesticide wastewater contain benzene; organic phosphorus, high concentration of salt, high concentration phenol, mercury.
What are the Concerns with pesticide Wastewater?
1.Wastewater with high concentration of pollutants, toxic and difficult to degrade
2.It is a stench, which stimulate people's respiratory tract and mucous membranes
3.It is volatile,and which is difficult to separate in the evaporation.
Using our SCTCRISTS for pesticide Wastewaters
SCTCRISTS .uses 316L as the standard material of construction on all wetted parts in our evaporators and combustion furnace. This durable stainless steel is appropriate for most applications.
By burning and drying reduce the amount of hazardous waste..
If our SCTCRISTS is right for you

The centerpiece of our consultative approach is the wastewater qualification process. Not all waste streams are good candidates for evaporation. We believe it’s better to find that out in our laboratory than on your factory floor.

This free analysis determines how appropriate the waste stream is for evaporation and how it will function in our SCTCRISTS. This analysis also helps determine materials of construction and allows us to determine operating procedure recommendations. If more detailed analysis of specific parameters is needed, SCTCRISTS can prepare appropriate samples and send them for outside lab analysis for a nominal cost (prices for analytical tests vary).

Once the analysis is complete, your SCTCRISTS Sales Engineer will deliver a report detailing the results to you. This report includes material of construction and pH adjustment recommendations, if needed. This allows you to make an informed decision if our SCTCRISTS is right for you.